Who are we?

Chabad Sparks is a new Chabad Youth group designed specifically to target the wider Melbourne community.  The movement is called "Sparks" because its core aim is to reveal the G‑dly Spark within every Jewish youth.  Chabad Sparks is a division of Chabad Youth and an initiative of the Yeshivah Centre. 


Our Goals:  A Youth Movement


A movement designed to give youth a true sense of religious Jewish belonging.  Chabad Sparks connects with Jewish Youth in Melbourne's shules and schools.  Our fun activities keep youth involved in religious activity in a creative and diverse way.  We also place a strong emphasis on youth empowerment and leadership.

Our movement offers total continuity for children from prep age until Year 12.

 The current main features of our movement are:

  • Weekly clubs and meetings
  • Leadership Training
  • Welfare Projects
  • Learning Program
  • Primary School Day Camps
  • Teens Overnight Camps
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Classes
  • Shule children / youth services at Chabad Malvern and Chabad Bentleigh

Goal Two: Extra-curricular educational workshop provider:

Chabad Sparks is a Melbourne-based extra curricular educational organisation. The Chabad Sparks program targets both Primary and Secondary aged school cgildren. Our activities have been carefully and creatively developed for the purpose of teaching children about the traditional and moral elements of the Jewish religion. Importantly, our program instils children with both knowledge and a sense of cultural pride. Chabad Sparks has run activities in over twenty-five Melbourne schools to date.

For more information please see the Sparks education link on this website. 


Chabad Sparks is a Chabad Youth initiative. Chabad Youth is run by Rabbi Moshe and Dina Kahn.  Chabad Sparks activities currently run from 3 different locations.  Activities are co-ordinated from the Head Office.

Chabad Sparks Head Office logo RGB.jpg Chabad Sparks Head Office:  Rabbi Yossi & Ita Smoller



Chabad Sparks Malvern logo RGB.jpg Chabad Sparks at Chabad Malvern:  Rabbi Reuvi and Menucha Cooper




Chabad Sparks Bentleigh logo RGB.jpg Chabad Sparks at Bentleigh Chabad: Rabbi Yitzchok and Draiza Engel





 If your commuity would like to become a Chabad Sparks Centre, please contact Yossi at Head Office


For more information, contact Yossi Smoller at Chabad Sparks Youth Movement Head Office:

Address: 1 A'beckett Street, St Kilda East,  Vic 3183

T: 9522 8274

D: 9522 8241

M: 0403 914 293

F: 9522 8255

E: y[email protected]

W: www.csparks.org.au