Imagine a child who feels the warmth and spirit of Judaism.

These are our students at Chabad Sparks One-on-One Jewish Tutoring Club!

 At Chabad Sparks, our one-on-one student teacher ratio gives your child undivided attention, allowing each tutor to focus on a child’s individual needs, moving at their own pace. 

Each week your child has the opportunity to engage with other children and revise what they have learnt through interactive games, baking and crafts. Children learn, play and create Jewish projects, focusing on Hebrew letter recognition and Jewish culture.

Our lessons are stimulating and gives your child a hands on Jewish experience, so that they acquire a broad knowledge of Judaism in a motivating and challenging way.

We are dedicated to making the richness of our Jewish heritage accessible to every Jew, regardless of their affiliation or level of religious observance.

Chabad Sparks prides itself in always being a safe and nurturing environment. All staff hold a WWCC and undergo appropriate training.  

At Chabad Sparks, we have one goal: we want our students to view Judaism in an intelligent, relevant and upbeat light.


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